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Line Dance Classes by
J B Talbot Line Dancers

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Josh Talbot is an expert Line Dance instructor for all levels

Explore the world of line dancing, make new friends at our vibrant social events,
and embark on unforgettable line dancing holidays.

Get ready to dance your way to joy and fitness!

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Social dancing is a great way to practice what you learn in classes, talk with your fellow students and make new friends. With a range of socials available each month, from our "Stress Free" socials to our "All Request" social, there is something for everyone! 
We have 6 Major Events a year, keep an eye on the socials & event page.

Line Dancing holidays are a fantastic and enjoyable way to travel with like minded people. Most Holidays include workshops, social dancing, sightseeing & you get to do it with friends... What more could you ask for.

*Pre Booking is essential for all socials


Sydney, NSW 2000

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