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New Beginner classes have an upfront fee of $99.00 for the first 8 lessons of the term and then revert back to casual cost of $15.00 per class.

** You must register your attendance, no walk-ins.

Registrations now CLOSED for all Beginner Classes
for February intake. If you would like to be notified when we start again please EMAIL US with your full name. 
New Beginner due to start approx. July 2021.

Registrations close 24 hours prior to each start date, unless booked out prior!

Monday Starts July 2021

Ringrose Primary School Hall

Entry from Damien Ave, Greystanes

A: New Beginners: 6.00pm - 6.45pm

Tuesday- Starts July 2021

Seaforth Anglican Church Hall

3 Frenchs Forest Rd, Seaforth

Parking in Ross Street council parking or neighboring streets
A: New Beginner: 6.30pm - 7.15pm

Wednesday Starts July 2021


Campbelltown North Pic Presbyterian Church

105 Lindesay St, Campbelltown 

A: New Beginner: 7.00pm - 7.45pm

Thursday- Starts July 2021

Glenwood Community Hub.

72 Glenwood Park Rd, Glenwood
A: New Beginners: 2.45pm-3.30pm

Friday- Starts July 2021

Seaforth Anglican Church Hall

3 Frenchs Forest Rd, Seaforth

Parking in Ross Street council parking or neighboring streets
A: New Beginner: 10.00am - 10.45am


BEGINNER (New Beginner) /LEVEL 1: This class is for first time dancers. We repeat the same routines to help build confidence and introduce the steps with the terminology used with each new beginner term. Starting from the very basic steps and adding something new each week. It is highly encouraged to attend each week so you don’t miss out.

BEGINNER EXPERIENCED/LEVEL 1.5: This class is for students that have completed a minimum of 6 months of beginners and wish to move up to Improvers but want a little bit more help. This class is slower then an improver class and we focus on 1 or 2 dances that are already being done at the improver level. We do as much as we can in one class, rolling over to the following week what we didn’t finish.

IMPROVER/LEVEL 2: Improver class is an easy class for students confident with the beginner dances. The routines taught in an improver class contain more step combinations and a few more turns then beginner routines. This level never “starts” again like beginners, with a new dance taught most weeks; sometimes its an easy improver dance, sometimes a harder improver dance.

EASY INTERMEDIATE/LEVEL 2.5: This is a cross over between level 2 (Improver) & 3 (intermediate). The dances are harder then an improver but don’t contain to many complicated steps/turn. Just allows you to think a little more. Great step up for those also wanting to move to level 3 (intermediate). A full easy intermediate class is just easier dances. Where you see an intermediate class, easy Intermediate dances will start the class and then progress harder.

INTERMEDIATE/LEVEL 3: Confident in everything from Beginners– Easy Intermediate? Then this class is for you. Dances are more complicated in all accounts and great workout for the brain. This class is usually for the more confident dancer that has completed all levels below.

BRIDGING CLASS: This class is for any student of Improver/Easy Intermediate level that wishes to try out the   Intermediate dances/Level 3. We focus on one dance for a whole month during the 30 minute class. the 1st week is usually only 1/2/1 wall of the dance. Attending this class is not about learning a whole routine perfectly, but about practicing the harder step combinations, triple spins, quicker count etc….. At the beginning of each month a new dance is started.