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Brand New Beginner Courses

At J B Talbot Line Dancers we believe that every new students should start with the basics in a fun & safe environment. Josh knows all to well what it is like joining a class for the very first time and the importance of being nurtured to help you find your feet in the first few weeks!


With 20 years experience you are in the best hands to help you grow and become a confident Line dancer!

Line Dancing is a great activity to take up as a solo, couple or group. No partner required & we dance to a wide range of music, not just country. You no longer have to "look the part", just come as you are and have fun. 


All New Beginner students are required to sign up to our initial starter course when we take registrations twice a year. We take on new students in February and July only. The Starter course is essential for all new students to ensure they know the basic steps and terminology.



$99.00 per person*


** You must register your attendance, NO walk-ins.

-Each venue has a limited number of spaces available for new beginners!

Interested in joining us in July?

Fill in your details below to get the registration form before anyone else

*All new beginners are required to sign up for the starter course in either February or July which runs for 8 consecutive lesson.

 *We do not accept casual payments during this time & we do not take on new students outside of the start date.

*Any missed lessons within the initial starter course will be deemed as a no show and no refund/credit will be issued.

*At the completion of the initial starter course, a casual payment of $20.00 is required per lesson if you decide to continue with the beginner classes or you can prepay for 6 consecutive lesson at a discounted rate of $89.00; As this is heavily discounted no refund/credit will be given for missed lesson/s. the 6 consecutive lessons must be used at the same venue/same class time, no switching of classes.

Sign up now to receive the Pre-registration form Early June!

Thanks for submitting!

Express your interest for your July Course above

Start Date TBC



Living Choice, Glenhaven

15 Old Glenhaven Rd, Glenhaven

A: New Beginners: 2.00pm - 2.45pm

Ringrose Primary School Hall

Entry from Damien Ave, Greystanes

A: New Beginners: 5.30pm - 6.15pm


St Lukes Anglican Church

17 Burton St, Concord

A: New Beginners: 6.30pm - 7.15pm


Campbelltown North Pic Presbyterian Church

105 Lindesay St, Campbelltown 

A: New Beginner: 6.50pm - 7.35pm


Forestville Memorial Hall

3 Starkey St, Forestville

A: New Beginner: 10.00am - 10.45am


BEGINNER (New Beginner) /LEVEL 1: These classes are for first time Line Dancers or anyone that has only done a few lessons. Everyone regardless of their dance history must start with beginners to learn the basic steps and terminology before they can progress to the next level.

All new students must sign up to our initial 8 lessons when we start a new term. New beginners are only taken with the start of a new course.

Each week a new routine is taught to help you perfect your steps and revise what was taught previous weeks. Line Dancing is a set routine of steps that are choreographed to a set song. Each dance will repeat the same steps in a different sequence and introduce new steps. It is ideal for you to attend each week so you do not miss out on the new routine taught.

*Class time, dates, locations are subject to change before we start the new course. Check back at later date to confirm details and send your expression of interest.

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