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Sheet for my own Dances can be found on the My Choreography page.


Easy Intermediate

Sweet Caroline - Bailey

Story - Maddison Glover

10000 Reasons - Johnston/Talbot

Rebel, Just for Kicks - Ria Vos

Let's Go Driving - Adrian Lefebor

Eyes For You - Szymanski

S.k. Shuffle- Unknown

Shuffle Boogie Soul - Weisburd

Bored - Vos

Caribbean Feeling - Talbot

Lonely Drum - Mitchell

Penny Arcade - Simpkin

Hillbilly Fever - Kerrigan

Keep Me Crazy - Talbot/Talbot

Champagne Promise - Argyle

In Dreams

Belles Belles Belles - Glover

Never Bring Me Down - Dale/Sloan


Roma - Sullivan

Whole Again - Johnson

Hold on / Tutorial - Hooker

Missing - Mitchell

Don't Be Blue Booth



Mercy - Bradey

Every Female Tutorial - Talbot

Sweetheart - Talbot

Oh Hot Damn - O'Rielly

Havana Ooh Na Na - Wetzel
Somebody Wants You Tutorial - Group

Beautiful Drug - Snooke​

You Ain't Here - Burgess
Don't Let Me Down Tutorial- Talbot
Lion Heart - Boss

How Would You Feel - Formosa

Perfect Tutorial - Talbot/Johnstone

Stay My Love - Gallagher

I Came to Love You - Musk

Dive - Simpkin

Woman in Love / Tutorial - Talbot

Throwback Love - Group

Broken - Olsen/Patterson

What Love Is All About - David/Cheung

It's Over - Moore-Simpkin/Talbot

Those Eyes / Tutorial - Moore/Talbot

Lady In Red - Ward

Run Me Like a River - group

Nancy Mulligan - Gallagher/O'Reily

Play that Song - Talbot

Last Night - Elliott

Oops Baby - McEnany/Flowers

Their Hearts are Dancing - MacKay

Hold Me Now - Talbot/Jenkins/Patterson


Wolves - walk through

Love Drunk

Break On Me

Love Junk

In Case You Didn't Know

Calm Me Down

Come Tomorrow


Suite 16

Would I Lie To You

Catch & Release


From The Ground Up