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Sheet for my own Dances can be found on the My Choreography page.



I've Been Waiting For You - Talbot/Johnstone

Silk & Satin - Khinoo

Get It Right - Glover

We Got Love - Burgess

I Close My Eyes - Pace

This is Me - Talbot

Texas Time - Talbot

You Are The Reason Baby Johnstone
Hey Senorita - Suzi Beau

Smoke & Mirrors - Mitchell/Patterson

Someone For You - Watson

Ghost Train - 

Waltz Across Texas - Thompson

Ride Away - Hickie Video

On The Rocks - Talbot Video/Tutorial


Second Time Around -Whitehouse/Bailey

Dirty Little Secret  - Winson

Groovy Love - Whitehouse

Beautiful Crazy - Taylor

Grow Old With You - Talbot

Snowgirl - Talbot

Lost in Love - Glover/Ward

Ashes - Wandy & Hotma

Vanotek Cha - O'Riely

Sober Saturday Night - Glover

Doing The Walk - Camps

I'll Be Home Soon - Kinser/Camps

Smoke Fire - Vane/Holtland

Can't Cry Pretty - Fitzgerald

Thai Of My Life - Ward

Like a Fine Wine -Camps

If Only - Bishop/Lefebour/Patterson

Mood Swing - Watson/Ward/Glover

Unlove You - Simpkin

Safe in My Arm - Smith

Run - Talbot

We'll Stay Young - O'Rielly/Richard/Keever

Coming Home - Lu Olsen

It's Alright - Fulzio

Just Drunk Enough - McEnany

Wandering Hearts - Gallagah

You Are The Reason - Talbot Video/Tutorial

It's Working - Beazley VidYou