Facebook Lesson happen Live to the timetable below.

Offering Lessons for:

-Experienced Beginners


-Easy Intermediate


Each week from the comfort and safety of your own home I will teach you new dances and revise the dances from previous weeks. You may wish to do these lessons instead of going out to a physical class or as well as a physical class. These are for those in Australia and New Zealand. Times are AEST.

These lessons are not saved so you will need to be available at these times.

It is a good way to interact with fellow dancers or with your instructor and ask questions during the teaching. 

Each week the lessons are $20 and payment details can be found once in the group. We accept, Paypal, Bank Transfer/Deposit or Credit/Debit cards.

To gain access to our online lessons CLICK HERE and you will be redirected to our facebook page. Please note you will need a facebook account to access these lesson.

When asking to join the group, please make sure you answer the questions when you click to join.

Class Timetable (click to enlarge)

facebook class timetable.JPG