Home Line Dance Lessons with Josh

Welcome to our Home based Line Dance Lessons. These lessons are designed to accommodate those that cannot make regular classes at one of our many venues or for anyone that wishes to have extra lessons to help them improve their dance skill level.

We offer classes for the very basic new beginners to the more advanced level from the comfort of your own home.

By Joining in on our Home Lessons, you agree;

-That you are dancing at your own risk, seek medical advice before joining in needed.

-That your dance area/space is clean and tidy of any obstructions.

-Stay well hydrated during the lessons. sit down and take a break if you need.

-Dance in a well ventilated area, or room with air-conditioning.

Our home Lessons are done Via facebook and Youtube. 

Both Lessons are $20 per week and payable prior to joining in.

Please select below to see which suits your needs best