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New Beginner Classes

Enrolment Fee: $99.00 per person

All new Beginners are required to enrol for our February or July course. We do not accept casual payment in the beginner classes or walk-ins after the course has commenced. Enrolments open in January & June CLICK HERE to register your interest


8 consecutive lessons from the start date advertised, at-home practice links during the initial 8 lesson, free social dance pass at the completion of your initial 8 lessons. Total value over $180.00.

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Returning Student

Casual class $20.00

Rates applies for Returning student of Beginner, Improver & Intermediate levels​ students

Pay casually as you go

*New Beginner students must enrol for a Feb or July Course 

Extend to the next level for $5.00 extra per Level

If you attend a class with multiple levels, you may extend to the next level for only $5.00 extra per level. 

*Not valid with any other discount or special

$45.00 Weekly Cap

We offer a weekly cap of $45.00 and no more to pay! Pay casually as you go and once you reach $45.00 there is no more to pay for any other class that week. 

Terms and Conditions

Beginner Students

All new beginners must enrol for our February or July starter course. please click here for new beginner class details.

  • Your enrolment fee of $99.00 covers the first 8 consecutive lessons of the course, weekly access to at home practice links & a free social pass 

  • We do not accept casual payments during the starter course & we do not to take on new students after the start dates.

  • No credit/refund giving for any missed lessons during the initial 8 lessons

  • At the completion of the initial 8 weeks, a casual payment of $20.00 is required per lesson if you decide to continue with the beginner classes or you can prepay for 6 consecutive lesson at a discounted rate of $89.00; As this is heavily discounted no refund/credit will be given for missed lesson/s. The 6 consecutive lessons must be used at the same venue/same class time, no switching of classes.

  • Discounted rate of $89.00 is not eligible towards the weekly cap or $5.00 extension discount.

  • If you wish to extend to the next level please note the extension cost is $10.00 per lesson, due to the already discounted price.

  • If any classes are missed while on the $89.00 bundle rate, there is no credit or refund, unless it is the fault of JB Talbot Line Dancers, in which case an extra lesson will be added to the end of your pre payment.

  • Rates and specials do not include any socials.


Returning Students

  • Class casual payment and extension cost included in weekly cap. 

  • If you pay the weekly cap as a lump sum ($45.00) and a class/classes are cancelled that you were planning on attending, you will be charged per class that you did attend as per above prices and a credit will be given, if any, for the following week.

  • Rates and specials do not include any socials.

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